Ear to the Ground - Virtual Fundraiser

A  Transfer of Wisdom Through Conversation

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Ear to the Ground 


February 27: 

GAIL P. MYERS PhD. Cultural Anthropologist Co-founder of Farms to Grow Inc and  Director of Rhythms of the Land

March 27:

Black Women in Horticulture

A Conversation with Abra Lee

April 24:

A Celebration of Black Culinary Traditions and Legacy

A Conversation with a Panel of Black Chefs

Moderator Matthew Raiford

When: Saturday, April 24th, 3 pm - 4:30 pm PST


May 29:


"Ancestral Medicine Ways"

June 26:

Black Opera

July 31:

Honoring Black Farmer Awards

August 28:


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Michele Lee - Moderating the event  and author of Working the Roots: Over 400 Years Of Traditional African American Healing is the result of first-hand interviews, conversations, and apprenticeships conducted and experienced by author Michele E. Lee over several years of living and studying in the rural South and in the West Coast regions of the United States. She combines a novelist's keen ear for storytelling and dialogue and a healer's understanding of folk medicine arts into a book that makes for both pleasant, interesting reading, and serves as a permanent household healing guide. Divided between sections on interviews of healers and their stories and a comprehensive collection of traditional African American medicines, remedies, and the many common ailments they were called upon to cure, Working The Roots is a valuable addition to African American history and American and African folk healing practices

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Melva "Mia" Burns - has over (40) years of Herbal and Gardening Wisdom. She is an herbalist, Seed Saver, Medicine Maker, Wisdom Keeper who lives in Fairfield, CA.  She is one of only a few Women Scribes.  Mia has taught Solar Cooking, Gardening, Sewing/Quilting, Preserving, Canning, and Dehydration of Foods and Crops making Value Added Products. On her Sacramento Urban Farm she grew over 200 different edible plants, herbs and ornamentals. She has been a Garden Consultant Advisor for the S. F. League of Urban Gardeners (SLUG), developed the Adam Rogers Community Garden in the Bayview District with the community youth, taught at the George Washington Carver Elementary School, trained with Mamma Sylvia with the community youth to run it & become self- sufficient with their harvest;  developed the Hunter’s Point Boys & Girls Club Community Garden; managed the Candlestick State Community Garden & taught youth groups from this garden -- (4-H/Scouts, Double Rock Baptist Church Youth & George Washington Carver Elementary School). 

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Iyalode Kinney - Founder/Garden Director of Communities United Restoring Mother Earth (CURME).

Iyalode is an Earth mother, plant medicine woman, ethnobotanist, metaphysician, health conductor/practitioner, personal Shamba, Leaf Doctor, urban guerilla gardener, and alchemist.  Her life and work embody the spirit of the Earth.       

CURME was founded in 1999 to remind communities of their spiritual connection to the earth through the power of gardening. They build/create gardens that are outside classrooms and living/learning laboratories, inspiring all of us how to grow our own in a way that restores the health of the land, the water, the people, and the community. CURME reclaim vacant lots and schoolyards and turn them into flourishing gardens of utility and beauty where human, animal and botanical life mingle and create shared and sustained value.

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Dorathy Barker - A leader and advocate for economically distressed rural farmers and farm families in North Carolina and the Southeast with over 33 years of experience in farming and market development.  Dorathy is a co-founder of Operation Spring Plant, Inc. (OSP) a non-profit dedicated to serving and assisting farmers of color. In 2020 Operation Spring Plant was the proud recipient of a James Beard Leadership Award.  Mrs. Barker has visited Africa and found a love that she can engage through her philanthropic work.  She has been able to assist students in Africa with financial support and the farmers with needed farm supplies. These relationships that she has fostered have given her purpose and a rewarding life’s work.

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Special thank you to our event sponsors Farms to Grow, Inc, Scratch and Peck, Kamen Road

April 24: A Conversation with Black Chefs
 February 27: A Conversation with Dr. Gail Myers